Officially Home Owners

Last week things were finalised at last!  So we are officially home owners once again.  Now the work really begins, in fact the work had actually began months ago when were given keys early and Captain Canada got to work cleaning up the yard and patio area.  With things being official though we are able to get to work on the actual house.  On Tuesday Capt. Canada already ripped out all the old radiators and Thursday and Friday got to work removing one of the chimneys that is no longer needed.  I also got a little start on the wallpaper removal in what will be the new bathroom (mind you almost every room in the house has wallpaper that needs to be removed).  We have a fair bit of work ahead of us  but we have been planning for months so we are ready to go.

The house we purchased was built in the 60’s during a time that families needed affordable housing.  Our home is located on a street of houses that were built by the same builder and were originally all the same.  Through the years many have been added onto or altered.  It is a very basic box of a house that has not had an alterations really aside from the addition of a garage which we are super happy to have.  So we have a pretty blank canvas, aside from all that wallpaper, to do what we like.  We are only the second owners of the property as it was passed from the original owners to their child who rented it out for a few years.  It is because of these lovely renters that we have to remove the wallpaper as they were heavy smokers.  In spite of the fact that all the walls had been freshly painted prior to going up for sale, the house absolutely reeks of cigarettes.  This was also a contributing factor to us deciding to remove the radiators, replace all the flooring and doors as well.  We figure it is the best way to eradicate the horrible smell.  Not to say that the floors and doors were not in need of some updating anyhow.

So for those of you who are curious as to exactly what are plans are for the house here is a list:

  • Replace furnace
  • Install in-floor heating on main and upper levels
  • New efficient radiators in the basement
  • Install new interior and exterior doors
  • Install new kitchen cabinets and appliances (there is currently nothing in the kitchen)
  • New lighting in every room
  • New flooring throughout the main and upper levels
  • New handrail for stairs and tile
  • Build a new master bathroom in one of the small bedrooms
  • Convert old master bath into a laundry room with dog wash & storage
  • Remove wallpaper throughout the entire house
  • Update plumbing and electrical
  • Install a new higher fence and gate

These are the things that we need to complete before we move into the house.  Then hopefully in the fall or next spring we will begin work on the patio.  We plan to extend the current patio which is quite small and once contained a rather large pond which Captain Canada removed months ago.  The plan for the patio is to:

  • Level and grade the area to allow for proper drainage away from the house
  • Install new patio stones so that we have a continuous level surface
  • Build a roof over a portion of the area
  • Install a privacy screen/fence

We are hoping to get the house ready to move into over the next two months.  For one, we really need to get out of the apartment we live in and secondly, we have some friends coming to visit from Canada in mid September.  So we would prefer to be in the house by then.

I will be adding updates as we go along so if you are interested in following our home renovation journey keep checking back or you can sign up for e-mail notifications down below.





One thought on “Officially Home Owners

  1. Tara says:

    Congrats on your new home! I’m really looking forward to following your progress…so exciting!

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