The Ugly Phase

It has been a while since I posted an update and a lot has happened in the house.  Captain Canada has been very busy.  First of all the wallpaper that covered nearly every wall and most of the ceilings has been 98% removed.  There is still a little on the ceiling of the stairwell which is difficult to reach and all the walls just need wiped down and cleaned to remove the last little bits of paper and wallpaper adhesive.  Neither of us ever want to see wallpaper again as this is the second house we have owned that required a whole lot of wallpaper removal.  So please, consider others before you commit wallpaper crimes.

The next thing that Capt. Canada sorted out was removing all the fixtures, fittings and ceramics from the half bath and current master bath along with the faux wood ceiling boards in the master bath & kitchen, taking down the flimsy wall between the master bedroom and guest bedroom (which will be rebuilt properly), and then removing all the screed concrete throughout the entire main and upper floors.  On a side note, we were surprised to find out that below the screed layer of concrete that there was a layer of ground cork to separate it from the structural concrete floor, which made the screed removal much easier thankfully (you can see a mound of this to the left in the “Master Bedroom Currently” picture).  Then since we were doing the floors and will be replacing all the doors, we thought it best to remove the tiles that covered the front porch as they were not in very good condition.  Over the past week and a half Captain Canada has also had to get all the concrete and brick he removed out of the house and disposed of.  Which meant long days spent with a wheelbarrow and monotonous back-breaking work (Captain Canda really is a super hero).  So far he have has one dumpster filled (from the chimney removal) and taken away, and dumpster number two is currently in the driveway.

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At the moment the house looks like a bit of a disaster zone, but that should change soon enough.  We have some large deliveries arriving soon with supplies for the laundry room and bathrooms as well as the new heating system.  Also, last night we went over and sorted out where all the light switches and outlets will go.  So we are nearly at the point where things will start being “put back together,” so to speak.

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